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Virtual Team Gatherings!

Enjoy a virtual corporate cooking class experience for your team! They'll gain the know-how to make the most of their resources in the kitchen or at the office!

Choose one of these 3 experiences and I'll show your team how to use resources they already have on hand and make magic with them; be it in the kitchen, or the workplace.

Let's get your team up and out of their seats, and interacting with one another in this fun and lively cooking class experience they'll never forget!

This isn't your average online cooking class. Yes, we'll cook together, but I'll weave in fun ways for your employees to get to know their colleagues better, and get creative with how to use limited resources! Even those folks who don't like to cook will have fun creating a delicious dish together.

Choose Your Team's Culinary Adventure!

I've designed 3 unique experiences to help your team connect with each other through the aromatic and sensual experience of using spices when cooking.

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Other menus available upon request.

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The Cumin Express
The Cinnamon Infusion
Iranian Comfort Food

Hi, I'm Katrina!

I'm your American cooking instructor based in France. As an adult I've had a blast exploring spices and the amazing flavors they add to your food. It's like getting to travel all over the world, from the comfort of my home kitchen and takes a simple dish to a whole new level! It's unlocked a whole new world of cuisines and possibilities! 

Treat your team to an experience of the senses where they'll put together a great meal, and learn about another culture through food. It's so much fun, and has a much lower carbon footprint than traveling. 🙂

My roots are in sustainability and I love to make internationally-inspired food with simple, wholesome ingredients accessible to all. I've taught cooking classes for 9 years, have been closely involved with the Slow Food movement as a US delegate to Terra Madre in Turino, Italy, and was the Seed-to-Table Cooking Instructor for Slow Food Denver, Colorado.

I have my masters in Agriculture, Food and Envrionment at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts in Boston, and have always been involved in making a more sustainable food system. I also worked for the US EPA while in Denver as a food waste consultant for schools in the region.

Excited to cook with you soon from our home kitchens!

~ Katrina

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*Classes are in English. I also teach cooking classes in French, so inquire to see if we can put together a class for your team in French.

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