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Episode with Christi Turner

Christi began her career in community-based conservation and sustainable development, spending nearly seven years in Madagascar in this work - helping rural communities to establish rights to their land, building solar-powered radio stations, teaching communication for social change, among other projects around the island - and also, building her first compost pile. She landed in Colorado for a Masters in environmental journalism and a career pivot, but after a few years reporting on issues like climate change, wildfires, drought & of course waste, she found herself drawn back to more action-oriented work. Over those same few years, Christi was frustrated with the lack of solutions to what seemed to be the very solvable problem of food waste in Denver - a problem with impacts on climate, agriculture, food access, the local economy, and more, and with clear potential for accessible, affordable, scalable community-based solutions. In 2017, she founded Scraps to address the issue and to help change the waste paradigm in the region.

Scraps has now grown to serve more than 1000 people in the Denver area, mainly residents of apartments and condominiums, but also single-family homes, restaurants, other food producers, and offices & other businesses of all stripes, and has kept more than 700,000 pounds of "food waste" from landfills, instead turning it into compost. Christi is proud to be known as Trash Lady, and remains personally & professionally dedicated to low-waste, sustainable, regenerative living.