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Hi, I'm Katrina!

I'm your American cooking instructor who lives in the French countryside. I'm loving the life being married to a beekeeper and tending our huge vegetable garden. I also organize French culinary retreats throughout the year, so stay tuned for our next one! If you're into experiential travel and authentic travel experiences, these beautifully curated retreats are for you! It's the slow kind of travel that will give you a real taste of how the locals live, and you'll get plenty spoiled too!

My roots are in sustainability and I love to make internationally-inspired food with simple, wholesome ingredients accessible to all. I've taught cooking classes for 10 years, have been closely involved with the Slow Food movement as a US delegate to Terra Madre in Turino, Italy, and was a Seed-to-Table Cooking Instructor for Slow Food Denver, Colorado.

I've been a francophile for a while now. As a French major in college I spent a year in Grenoble, France, and speak the language fluently. I've fully embraced French culture and love the slower pace of life here, and that as a culture they know how to slow down to enjoy the finer things of life. Even if that's simply enjoying a drink on an outdoor patio in the sunshine, or a picnic in a park. 

I can't wait to show you around this beautiful region of France!

~ Katrina

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