Grocery Store Tour

Go on a 2 hour private or group grocery store tour with Katrina to learn how to shop so you can always have staples on hand, know where to find unique items and quickly pick up fresh foods for those in-between shopping trips. 

You’ll learn how to shop the perimeter of the grocery store and stock your pantry with inexpensive, healthy staples so you always have something on hand to make a quick dinner. 

  • Learn what food labels actually mean, so you can understand what you’re buying. 
  • Get in the routine of having your favorite staples on hand so you can make quick trips to the store to just fill in with the fresh foods you need.
  • You’ll learn how to only have to do 1 main grocery shop per week, with a quick stop later in the week to pick up a few fresh items if needed.

$60 per person with 3 person minimum, 6 person maximum

$150 for an individual

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