Healthy Parents, Healthy Baby

Build a family together with a healthy foundation. Learn to meal prep with a focus on foods that are nutritious for men and women to eat prior to conception to give your future family a healthy head start.* 

Disclaimer: Katrina Brink of the Empowered Kitchen, Ltd. is a meal prep consultant and does not function as a physician, diagnose or treat disease, nor do her services replace the necessary services of a licensed physician.

$450 total for the couple


  • 30 minute phone/video consultation to determine your meal prepping needs. Shopping list, recipes and equipment list included. You do the food shopping.

  • 3 hour cooking class in person in your home kitchen or over live online video

  • Essential cooking techniques: roasting, searing (meat or tofu) steaming, sautéeing, how to make soups, stocks, sauces, vinaigrettes, healthy snacks, dips and more. Last 30 minutes is for dining.

  • Access to email and call Katrina for up to 6 weeks after your follow up consultation for continued advice, tips and support.

  • Learn to efficiently shop, prep, cook and store foods to help them last. Choice of vegetarian, vegan or light meat menu.  

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