Meal Prep Cooking Class

Why I Believe in Meal Prepping

Save Money

Plan your week ahead so you save money and time cooking. If you have a flexible weekly game plan, you throw away less food and have fabulous meals ready to grab and go. 

Help the Earth

It's our future! Food waste is one of the leading causes of methane emissions in the United States. Methane is a major greenhouse gas, which adds to climate change. By reducing food waste, we put the value back into our food and the whole food chain, from farm to factory, through to the grocery store, all the way to our homes.

Eat Well

With a few simple cooking skills you can create many wonderful dishes. Take fresh, whole ingredients with fun spices thrown in, & you can turn basic foods into mouthwatering meals you'll want to make again & again.

Katrina is your personal Cooking Coach who will give you the tools and skills to meal prep regularly and enjoy cooking fabulous, healthy food! 

Change how you cook for good! Want to get out of a cooking rut? This is the answer!

You CAN eat great food, feed yourself and your family well and save time cooking. With Katrina cooking is fun, accessible and empowering. You'll learn how to use new spices, how to flavor dishes to make them different, and practical cooking techniques you'll actually use every week.

$450 for 1-4 people

$50 for each additional person

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Inquire above with any questions & to find a date that works for you and the instructor.

Pay below and Katrina will be in touch to set up your class!


  • 30 minute phone/video consultation to determine your meal prepping needs. 

  • Grocery shopping list, recipes and equipment list included. You do the food shopping.

  • 3 hours of live coaching in person with Katrina or over video conference. 

  • Learn essential cooking techniques: roasting, searing (meat or tofu) steaming, sautéing, how to make soups, stocks, sauces, vinaigrettes, healthy snacks, dips, and more. 

  • Access to email and call Katrina for up to 6 weeks after your follow up consultation for continued advice, tips and support.

  • Learn to efficiently prep, cook, freeze and store foods to help them last. Choice of vegetarian, vegan or light meat menu. *Some customization available.

  • At the end of this class you’ll have all your food prepared for the week! 

  • 30 minute post-consultation over phone or video a week or two after class to see how your week went and to provide any additional support