European Holiday Cookies


European Holiday Cookies – Classes are family-friendly.

Cookie Menu:

  • German Hazelnut Cookies
  • Italian Florentines


Join Katrina of The Empowered Kitchen for this fun, and slightly healthier, twist on cookies for the holidays! Okay, we’ll still be using butter and sugar. It’s not all healthy, but she’ll show you some fun classic, and maybe new cookie ideas with inspiration from around the world. Plus we’ll use some ingredients that will diversify our diets and use a few ingredients you may not be used to using in your cookies. For instance, we’ll use some whole grain flour, and toast and grind nuts to add as a substitute for some of the white flour.

Cookie Menu:

  • German Hazelnut Cookies
  • Italian Florentines

This is a bonus for our diets, and for the environment. If we support farmers who are growing crops that help increase biodiversity, it’s a win for us and the planet. For example, when we cook with a grain, seed or flour that isn’t wheat, we help increase the biodiversity of crops that farmers can grow for profit.

Every time we vote with our dollars for foods that are sustainably grown, we’re voting for a healthier, more sustainable world for today and the future. Plus it’s good for us to have more diverse diets. I can show you just how delicious this can be!

Classes are family friendly and anyone in the household is welcome to join!

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