Sustainable Meal Prep Containers

Meal prep. It’s a noun, a verb and describes what you have been meaning to do but aren’t yet. 

A few common reasons people don’t meal prep: 

  1. You’re tired after work don’t have time
  2. You get tired of eating the same thing day after day
  3. It’s just easier to order food for delivery or carry out

Let’s take care of these concerns (hint….it’s not as hard or boring as you think!) and I’ll give you options for meal prep containers. What’s that you say, you already have containers? As handy as plastic P.F. Changs or Noodles n Company to-go containers are for re-using, they can’t be used in the microwave, are easily breakable, and leak like a sieve. Plus they’re single use and terrible for the environment. Yuck!

Thankfully, there are meal prep containers that are sustainable, microwaveable, strong and spill proof!  It’s time to add them to your kitchen where they’ll be used for many years – unlike those to-go containers that quickly end up in the trash since they’re not even recyclable. 

But first, back to the reasons why you’re not meal prepping.

1. You’re tired and (you think) meal prep takes too long.

A rule of thumb is to set aside 2-3 hours for meal preparation and to add in time for shopping. If you shop online and have food delivered or do curbside pickup at the store, this shouldn’t take too much more time. 

Note: Multitasking on more than one dish at a time is a must to keep the meal preparation time to 2-3 hours, depending on your goals for the week, and how many mouths you’re feeding. For instance, while the rice is cooking, you are chopping and roasting vegetables, then making a sauce or two, and a vinaigrette to make awesome salads for the week.

You can save hours every week if you meal prep, because you don’t have to start from scratch every night after work!

Still feel overwhelmed by meal preparation? You’re in the right place! Katrina can help you see how fun and 100% possible it is for you!

Summer Meal Prep

The Empowered Kitchen offers a meal prep cooking class that includes: 

  • 30 minute phone/video consultation to determine your meal prepping needs
  • Shopping list, equipment list, class preparation list, recipes
  • 3 hours of live, customized cooking class just for you! Via online video!
  • Essential cooking techniques: roasting, searing (meat or tofu) steaming, sautéing, how to make soups, stocks, sauces, vinaigrettes, healthy snacks, dips, and more. 
  • Support over email for up to 6 weeks after for continued advice and tips
  • How to efficiently prep, cook, freeze and store what you make! 
  • Choice of vegetarian, vegan or light meat menu
  • By the end of The Empowered Kitchen’s meal prep cooking class you’ll have all your food prepared for the week!
  • 30 minute post-consultation over phone or video a week or two after class

2. You get tired of eating the same thing day after day. 

You don’t have to! Katrina shows you how to make your building blocks, so not all of your meals are the same!

TIPS: Make sure you have a well-stocked kitchen, so you can add spice and flavor in a pinch to mix up your meals. Use that freezer! Make meals that freeze well, so you can have great food in a few weeks, and you’re not tired of eating it!

In Katrina’s flexible method of meal prep:

  • You make the foundations of different meals you can mix and match. You change them with spices or sauces to keep your meals varied and interesting.
  • You have lots of delicious meals and building blocks in your freezer to eat for weeks and months to come!
  • It’s easy to stick with a healthy eating habit, one week at a time!

3. It’s just easier to order food for delivery or carry out.

Ok, it might feel easier. With a few keyboard strokes or smartphone taps you can order food and arrange delivery or make a carry out trip. But what if that convenience was outweighed by the higher food bill and out of control portions that leave you feeling not so great, because you’ve blown your food budget and eaten something that might be less than healthy? 

So if you’re ready to meal prep, how do you store all your delicious meals for the week ahead?

The Empowered Kitchen suggests giving these options a try if you’re looking for sustainable meal prep containers! Together we can reduce single-use plastics, and help our planet one decision at a time. 

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Best Meal Prep Container for Salads, Mains and Sides: 

Finedine’s 24 piece set. Containers with 12 lids with various sizes and shapes for meal prep, storage leftovers, and all food storage needs.

Finedine containers have hinged lids that lock shut and the glass is easy to clean, temperature tolerant, and are dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe. They’re stackable and leak proof so sauces and soups stay where they’re supposed to and don’t end up inside of a purse or backpack. These are FANTASTIC for meal prep because they’re different sizes to accommodate various components of meals that you’ve prepped, like grains, sauces, soups, salads, proteins, full entrées, etc. 

Summer Meal Prep

Best if You Love Bento Boxes

Bento boxes are absolutely wonderful additions and not just for parents who always have snacks on hand for their ever hungry kiddos. I LOVE these containers because you can put a full meal in one container and keep them separate, like rice and curry, or salad and fruits, or sliced veggies and hummus. They’re perfect for meal prep, convenient, and last for a really long time! 

Bayco’s 9 piece Bento boxes set are oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Just like Finedine’s containers, they are leak proof, easy to clean and have locking lids.

Replacements for Sealable Plastic Baggies!

These are some of my absolute favorite additions to my reusable container repertoire! You never need to use a disposable plastic baggie again! 

These are perfect for storing bits of meal prepped foods or sauces in the refrigerator. Even better, make sauces, shredded meats, broth, or soups to freeze. Lay these flat and fit so much great food in the freezer for down the road, just when you need a quick, healthy, and delicious meal! Your future self will thank your old self for thinking of her…or him!

These stand on their own!

Large bundle! More economical & need to be hand-washed!

These are more economical & dishwasher-safe!

10 Pack of Stand-up Reusable Bags that are dishwasher safe!

Best for Smoothies on the Go!

Although the above options are great for liquids such as soups and sauces, what about smoothies on the go? Each one of the containers below is glass but with a slight differentiating factor, so you can pick what’s best for you

  1. Best container with a flip top, time reminder and a mixing ball
  1. Best container for sipping
  1. Wide mouth and eco-friendly – recyclable, reusable & durable container
  1. 24 oz, silicone sleeve (won’t slip) flip top spout container
  1. Best container for hot or cold beverages, dishwasher safe, 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Now that we’ve addressed what’s holding you back from meal prepping, given you meal prep container options and introduced you to The Empowered Kitchen’s meal prep class, here’s to putting some PEP in your Prep! Go get creative in the kitchen! For more meal prep recipes ideas keep reading our blog.

Big love from my kitchen,