Team Building Cooking Class

Team Building Cooking Class

Healthy, happy teams are productive teams! Bring The Empowered Kitchen to your workplace to empower your employees to prepare healthy meals! Healthy meal prep class or themed cuisine classes available. 

Everyone will participate in this hands on class, make their own lunch or dinner and have tons of fun!

In this Team Building class we’ll divide the group into teams, each with a head chef. The head chefs will have to work closely with one another to coordinate the timing of the meal. It's a great way to get your team working together in a different setting and building their confidence in a new way. You’ll discover strengths you never knew about your coworkers!

3 hour class includes 30 minutes for dining & de-brief.

$100 per person for up to 8 participants.

$90 per person for 9-16 participants.

Maximum of 16 people.


  • 3 hour class with food and shopping included in price. Last 30 minutes reserved for dining & debrief led by instructor.

  • Instructor will come to your workplace, an employee’s home, or we can decide on a location together. Katrina has access to a kitchen in Park Hill.

  • Participants divided into teams, each with a head chef who leads their team & coordinates with the other head chefs to get the meal on the table!

  • We’ll need a full kitchen space with an oven, stovetop and basic cooking equipment.* The instructor can bring any needed cooking equipment.

  • Includes an appetizer, salad, entrée, side, dessert and non-alcoholic drink.** 

  • See menu options here


*Instructor has access to fully stocked kitchen in Park Hill to rent for $25/hr including set-up and clean up time. This kitchen does not allow alcohol and accommodates class size of 16. We can also hold the class in a home or other available kitchen.


**You're welcome to provide alcohol, but The Empowered Kitchen will not serve, nor provide alcoholic beverages for the party. This class includes a mocktail, which you’re welcome to add alcohol to if desired.

Start here to set up your class.

We'll be in touch within 24-48 hours.