The Saffron Road

The Saffron Road

The Saffron Road

Looking for something extra special for your team?  Saffron is the most expensive and luxurious of spices.

Learn how to use saffron in a variety of dishes, and savor the unique, rich smell and taste of this beautiful spice.

See menu below! All cooking levels welcome.



Risotto Alla Milanese with Seared Fish or Mushrooms
Risotto flavored with saffron. Gluten free & can be made vegetarian or vegan.

Olive Oil Cake with Almond & Saffron
Gluten free & can be made dairy free. Contains eggs.

Vegetarian or vegan-friendly

Gluten free & easy to make dairy free

  • Starting at €1 250 (euros) for groups of up to 30
  • Inquire for pricing for larger groups
  • 90 minute experience
  • Comes with grocery shopping list, equipment list, recipes, & worksheet

Only for this class there is the possibility to ship spices & extracts to participants for an additional fee.


Contact Katrina at The Empowered Kitchen
+33 07 67 46 01 78

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