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Cooking Classes to Save time, Eat Great, & Reduce Stress with Meal Prep


Need a Gift Certificate

for a foodie or an aspiring cook?

Give the Gift of a lifetime of love & Connection in the Kitchen.

Options start at $50 towards a cooking class, or you can gift a whole class to a loved one or a couple.

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Enjoy Cooking Again! Gourmet Meals at the Ready!

Private coaching to empower you to meal prep & get hours back in your week. You'll feel healthier, more vibrant & have more time to connect with who & what's important. 

You can prep one day a week to spend less time cooking, have insta-worthy, healthy meals ready to grab and go or just heat up when all you wanna do is collapse in a heap after work.

Want to eat meals that are good for you and taste like your personal chef is Jamie Oliver? For real. I can help you take control of your kitchen, know how to meal prep regularly and not have the stress of wondering what's for dinner.

Plan for a variety of dishes each week with some of the same ingredients so you can maximize the use of each ingredient you buy. No more throwing away that half bunch of cilantro or old, shriveled celery stalks.

I can teach you how to stretch your dollars into even more meals that will impress all the mouths at your table. 

Come try a class or sign up for a kitchen overhaul and find out how fun cooking can be, how to spend less time cooking and still prepare tasty, nutritious meals!

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Class Offerings

Learn to prep delicious and simple (yet gourmet) meals and have them ready to go any day of the week! 

The Empowered Kitchen offers cooking classes for:

Individuals • Family sessions • Groups of friends • Date night • Team-building 



Learn to make balanced, delicious meals that nourish you and your loved ones, so your bodies are healthy. Then you can focus on the mind and spirit part, but personally we think great food helps with those too!  



Classes emphasize buying dry goods in bulk, planning meals carefully so less food dies in that "crisper" drawer, and learning how to cook once a week to have tasty ingredients for the whole week! Plus, discover how to creatively recreate leftovers so they don't even seem like leftovers!



What does "sustainable" really mean? It can be confusing. Come talk about where to find sustainably grown and raised foods, and how to understand all those "eco-labels."



  • Empower you to meal prep so you can save time cooking, eat healthy, homemade meals with whole ingredients & get rid of food waste.
  • Create engaged local citizens with a global outlook. Get involved! 

  • Reduce the impacts of climate change by preventing food waste in the first place, composting kitchen scraps & minimizing excessive packaging. Learn more!