Take Back Your Kitchen


YOU can discover the joy of cooking a week's worth of healthy, gourmet meals from scratch in a few hours!

It's SO easy. With a bit of advanced planning and some mad skills, you too can be a meal prepping machine! You can save money, time and help the environment - all by cooking more efficiently.  

Since I was a little girl I remember helping my mom mix up cookie dough and "invent" pizzas. Food and cooking with family have formed my most significant and cherished memories. My mission is to share this love of food and connection with everyone I meet!   

I have a passion for food waste reduction and how to spread the good word about how it addresses issues ranging from climate change, to hunger, and our food budget. It's a win-win-win!

Come relish in the joy of cooking and connection with others around a table, and learn to be a little lighter on the earth and your wallet while you're at it! 

Thrilled to call Colorado home and put down deep roots in this community. 

Et je parle français aussi, alors n'hésitez pas à me passer un coup de fil en français si vous voulez.

See you in the kitchen!
Katrina Brink

Katrina of The Empowered Kitchen in Floral Apron

Save Money

Plan your week ahead so you save money and time cooking.

If you have a flexible weekly game plan, you throw away less food and have fabulous meals ready to grab and go. 

Eat Well

With a few simple cooking skills you can create many wonderful dishes.  

Fresh, whole ingredients with a couple fun spices thrown in turn basic foods into mouthwatering mealtimes. 


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Help the Earth

It's our future! Food waste is one of the leading causes of methane emissions in the United States. Methane is a major greenhouse gas, which adds to climate change.

By reducing food waste, we put the value back into our food and the whole food chain, from farm to factory, through to the grocery store, all the way to our homes.