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  • "Fantastic! Katrina is gifted in so many areas but her passion for cooking is evident. The experience you get from her workshops is valuable! Needless to say, her food is delicious and simple to replicate at home. Love Love Empowered Kitchen and Katrina Brink!" - Bianca V.


  • "Katrina knows her way around the kitchen. She recently taught a class to eight ladies. She made sure everyone was involved and engaged. We learned invaluable knife skills. It is clear that Katrina is passionate about cooking and teaching people how to use ingredients without waste. I can't recommend The Empowered Kitchen enough!" -Adrienne F.
First we'll work on your knife skills together.

First we'll work on your knife skills together.

Inventing a homemade pizza with a cream sauce, salmon & mushrooms. Yum!

Inventing a homemade pizza with a cream sauce, salmon & mushrooms. Yum!

Matilda cooking with Katrina
  • "This was an unbelievable experience, she was very thorough and it was so easy to follow her directions. We all really enjoyed the meal, thank you!!! I highly recommend calling her and utilizing her services." - Mollie S.


  • "Sustainable, educational, fun and delicious! Katrina takes care in her work in every aspect of the kitchen from prep to cooking to clean up and teaches you ways to do it all!" - Jolene C.


  • "After I had my first class with Katrina I felt more comfortable to try and prepare different dishes. Her style is approachable and patient. With only one class I know so much more than I did when I started. She taught me simple techniques that will last a lifetime." - Cesar C.

"Katrina came to my home to teach my husband and I. We are expecting our first child in 6 weeks, so it is important to us to maximize not only nutrition, but also our efficiency and variety in our weekly menu. Otherwise, we are prone to Taco Bell syndrome - not a habit we want to pass on to our little one. My husband is somewhat experienced in the kitchen, I am more so. Katrina is great at tailoring her lesson to your tastes, individual cooking experience, and equipment you may or may not have.

She brought an entirely new flavor palette + time/dollar efficient cooking methods to our home. You're not just paying for one night - these are long-lasting skills backed up by follow up she'll do with you, so I'm expecting to factor these skills into our regular cooking rotation for life.

She gave us a fun, friendly, hands-on experience that's a game-changer for us! Fully recommend." - Laura and Scott J.

Roast Chicken